ATFA President: Walter Phillips


Squirrel Dog of the Year

ATFA Squirrel Champion

Reynolds ARK Ice

                                  American Treeing Feist Association


                            We hope you can find a host of information concerning the                                  "Ultimate Squirrel Dog" The ATFA is unlike any other squirrel dog association. The ATFA was formed to promote the breeding and improvement of the American Treeing Feist consistent with the breed standards that you will find on the website. If a dog has an "ATFA Squirrel Champion" or "ATFA Grand Squirrel Champion" title, then it is TRULY A CHAMPION.

Persue through the site and contact us if you have any questions. Hopefully you will find something on here that will encourage you to join the ATFA and find you an "Ultimate Squirrel Dog".....

an American Treeing Feist!

promote the Feist breed of squirrel dogs.Through allot of hard work and dedication by our founding members we have today what is known as The American Treeing Feist Association.


 Hunt Dates:

Oct, 24        Doniphan, MO  Regional

Nov, 7         Brent, AL  Rally

Nov, 21       Whitwell, TN  Regional

Dec, 12       South GA, Altamaha Regional

Jan, 23        Montrose, MS  Rally

Feb, 20        Stuttgart, AR  Regional

March, 11     LBL, KY  Regional

March, 12     LBL, KY  Rally (Bob Wallace                                              Memorial)

For more information on upcoming hunts contact:                                         

​Walter Phillips 601-720-0347

Our Updates:


2015-16 Squirrel Dog of The Year Results

1) Reynolds Ice - 195

2) Peeples Cracker - 165

3) Landrum's SOS Willie - 160

4) Pumpkin Swamp Rhonda - 135

5) Brickyard Odd - 100

2014-2015 Breeder of The Year Results

1) Willard Crumpton - 210

2) Keith Landrum - 145

3) Carlton Walker - 105

4) Mike Powell - 85

5) Bill Yawn - 80

Message from our President!

"Hi folks, 

I would like to personally welcome you and your family to the American Treeing Feist Association. The ATFA was founded in 1985 by a group of individuals who desired to

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